The spirit of improvisation brings Susan to her current passion—jazz.

Susan plays from the heart, infusing creativity and music-making into each moment. A contemporary violinist and vocalist of world styles, Susan performs with several bands in the Boston area, including her own jazz combo. Common to her performances is her trademark warmth and wit, and her conviction that music deepens our connection to the world around us.

We are musicians, we are part of the emotional fabric of the world.”

– Susan Reed

Listening, crafting a musical line in the moment—a musical line that makes everyone in your band sound better—that is the joy.”

– Susan Reed

Improvising is addicting, invigorating, thrilling...so alive.”

– Susan Reed

A musical moment is a reflection. The clearer the heart and mind, the truer the reflection.”

– Susan Reed

Improvising is taking the risk to sound exactly like yourself.”

– Susan Reed

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Jazz is Susan’s latest exploration. A direct link to her classical, fiddle and Klezmer backgrounds, jazz provides her a fresh and dynamically interpretive platform. In jazz and all her performances, Susan combines musical artistry with storytelling, crafting original shows that celebrate our humanity. She is equally adept in collaboration, adding her lyrical line to the musical mix of the moment.

Susan’s palette of strings includes guitar, banjo and dulcimer.

She has composed hundreds of songs and stories to teach and share with her own children growing up, and to share with families all over the world. Her nationally renowned discography and children’s books have garnered national awards. She is most proud to have recorded these songs and stories with her family. Together with her daughters, she performs world music with the dynamic string trio Tatu Mianzi.

A second-generation musician, Susan has a BM and MM in violin performance and Suzuki pedagogy from Cleveland Institute of Music. She teaches nationally and internationally and also trains new teachers in her Teach Smart workshops.


Hello to All! I’ve been writing up a storm. It was only a matter of time before this new chapter blossomed, right? My goal is to compose a new jazz tune every week. I figure, two weeks vacation, that’s 50 tunes a year… and of those 50, 20 are bound to be kickin’ good. It’s deepening my knowledge and softening my sound. I tend to play my own tunes the best because I really know where I’m going, and why…

New gigs headed your way soon. Reach out for an invite…

January 26 – Jazz Trio, Milton, MA

January 28 – Improv Teachers Workshop, Roslindale, MA

February 6 – Feather & Wedge, Rockport, MA

February 9 – Jazz Quartet, Marshfield, MA

March 13/14 – Hartt Workshop, Hartford, CT

March 15 – MA Suzuki Workshop, Boston, MA

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